Monday, March 2, 2015

Follow Jesus and tracting in Panglao

Picture of our church
I really love teaching the youth class, especially because I learn a lot more from making the lessons then I get to teach, Its really fun. Yesterday we had no youth so I didn't teach, but I did prepare an amazing lesson, or at least I hope it would be amazing. It was about making choices, and leading by example. I wanted to start with a story in Matthew 4:18-20 about Jesus asking the 2 disciples to leave there nets and follow him. I thought about how Jesus Christ is always asking us to follow him, and leading by example. I thought about who are the people in my life that ask me to follow them. Then talking about the song I'll go where you want me to go,"with my hand in thine" And its powerful to know that the Lord does not expect us to choose the right without his help, its when we learn to do the right with God's help that we can say "I'll go where you want me to go"

Me and Elder Borrego with some of the kids we like teaching
Elder Borrego is amazing, he loves tracting which is exactly what this area needs, he also knows English so we are able to joke around while we are walking around Panglao tracting, or just getting to investigators houses. He is just a funny guy. His family is Huge, he has 7 siblings all girls, and he is 5th, he also has 3ish step-brothers, and he knows Spanish before the mission, so his bisayan is very good, I would say that we are at the sameish level, but he is 6 weeks behind me, so its super cool how fast he is getting the language.

Until Next Week
Elder Remer