Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bed bugs, investigators and Halo Halo

First answering questions, I will be watching the recorded English General Conference at the district center (stake center, but we are not a stake yet) the 2nd week of April, as well as live with two American investigators of ours, so I will watch both :D

Everywhere in the Philippines celebrate Easter, most of the people are Catholic, and do Holy Week as well, so I will see what will happen here, a giant disco? Parade in the street? I have no idea.

And I did get lots of Bed Bug Bites, but I have started spraying this bug poison on my bed once a week, it does miracles, recommended by the Mission President, So I am happily sleeping now.

This week we had a good week of lessons, we got about the same amount last week, In my area there are 4 people progressing and one family,

Mary and Ariesto are two Filipinos, and are on there way, the only thing is that their family has been Catholics for generations, and because tradition is important here, it might be hard for them.

We have 2 American investigators, apparently their family owns a store in Castle Rock. A... is 21 and wants to get baptized, but is not sure what his wife will say, so we now are going to try to teach his wife more, trying to plan around her schedule. P... is slowly liking the lessons more and more, and might be on his way, and has a ton of great questions about our beliefs that have had me studying a lot. P... has also read the Book of Mormon, but has not got an answer that it is true. This morning we went to breakfast with them, they had really good questions that we were able to answer,

Word of the Week: Pag-gaw - the sickness where you lose your voice
I forgot an English word, it is a type of Indian that sort of is magic, throws stuff in fire to tell prophecies? what is that called, it's in Brother Bear and Pocahontas

Elder Remer
This is Halo Halo its my favorite