Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lord is in this work

I am so glad to have a companion that I get along well with, we are doing tons of service here and teaching more people then I did in the previous transfer, we helped families in Doljo, carrying 20 water barrels to different locations so that people would have water during the island power outage.

Fun story for this week
Me and Elder Borrego were walking and I am looking to the left, someone on the right of us, passing by on a motor, says tiligsik na, which means its sprinkling (raining lightly), But it was slow to register because he was a white man, so we both thought it was some European language, until it registered, that he spoke Visayan, he is the first foreigner I know that knows Visayan, we both looked at each other, and tracted the motor trail, because we wanted to met him. Turns out his name is P..., his family is a group of medical missionaries, and he had had contact with the missionaries before, but had suddenly moved and had stopped the lessons, turns out he was finished with lesson 1, and with great coincidence I had a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, in English, inside of my bag, the Lord is truly in this work.

It was a great week
Elder Remer

A picture of this plant that makes ... glue? I call it a Glue Berry