Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Busy week, strange as well

This week has been a very busy week, and very strange as well. Lets start with some of the weird things.

First off we went to a Born Again Church, our two American Investigators invited us over. It was very different, with some similarities. I don't really want to talk about what I didn't like, but I will gladly say what I liked. It was definitely a lot more entertaining then our church, there was a lot of singing, standing, and clapping. They also said "Praise the Lord" and "Can I get an Amen" They seem very excited about church every day. We were also gladly welcomed into their church, everyone happy, and people even taking pictures with us, it was a very warm environment. They taught about what they believe will happen in the last days, some things are the same of what we believe, and some are the understanding of men that are understandable, but hard to believe. We then went home and had the sacrament. Even though it was fun, I think I will surely stay a Mormon.

I also wanted to tell you about the "HeyJoeShow" It is a youtube series made by missionaries that got home from there mission here in Cebu, just last year. They made a series of funny videos in Visayan, the language here. And now they are famous, they came back to the Philippines this week, and they are on many of the different news channels here, it is hard to find a person who does not know who they are.

Of fun things, we found a really cool swimming pool, an abandoned one, along with a resort that had been rundown. Its amazing, but has been destroyed over time, and looks like the ruins of an ancient civilization, finding cool things while tracking.

Love You,
Elder Remer

Also the McRib is in the Philippines!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Successful baptism


We had a successful baptism, it was a lot of work walking to the different places to make sure everyone was good for the part we asked them to do, whether rides, or bringing some food, it worked out. Elder Borrego baptized A... and A... on Saturday. There was great attendance, refreshments, only 10 minutes late (I think that is impressive) it was perfect for everyone. The two girls bore their testimony, and it was sincere.

We have a 2 or more year old cell phone, but it works better than the cell phone in Jagna. We can call and text, but unless if people pay there phone bill, they can't get calls or reply to texts.

When I saw the photo of Jeremy in my trek shirt in your email my first thought was "NO WAY! He is going to Trek!" Then I thought, wait its April.... Better read the email. Turns out just a regular day to school, slightly less exciting.

And going to Crave (we wrote him and sent a picture of the family at one of Ryan's favorite hamburger restaurants), that is what I would like to do, within the first week of getting home, but that's pretty far away.

This week I got to go on splits with the assistant to the president, Elder Micabani, I see why he is the assistant, he is a fantastic teacher, bringing in the spirit strong for even very short lessons.

Gihigugma ka nako!
Have a Great Week
Elder Remer

Me doing the Filipino squat, playing clapping games with the kids. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

General Conference and baptisms

Thanks for emailing me this week, I am not sure how hard it is back home to set aside time to email me, and I am glad you do it every week. Also I think it is very loving to get packages from home, and I am not sure how much 60 dollars is anymore, but it is a lot over here.

This week I listened to conference as well, I loved  the talk by Elder Andersen, about dancing to the music, https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2015/04/the-music-of-the-gospel?lang=eng as well as Elder Pearson's talk, about reading Every Day Every Day Every Day, and the many other Bold things he said. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2015/04/stay-by-the-tree?lang=eng

I have a new favorite talk, it is called Israel,Israel, God is Calling by Jeffery R Holland. https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/ces-devotionals/2012/01/israel-israel-god-is-calling?lang=eng

This week is very exciting, we have an interview for 2 baptisms on Tuesday, for a Baptism on this Saturday, or maybe the next!  We just need to do the interview, and then call all the members, bad planning on our part to do it on the week where we can't announce to the members in church, because of general conference, hopefully it goes well.

It is A.. and A..., two kids that wanted to get baptized 3 months ago, and their dad gave them permission, and the rest of there family is active in the church, they even took the expensive, long travel to the city to watch general conference.

Right now me and other missionaries are finding scriptures that they could use to Bible Bash for our religion, not to fight with others, but to know in the back of there mind that it is true.

I tried to eat a weird fruit this week, called bunga sa pandan

and then found out where our family name comes from

Elder Remer

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter celebrations and referrals

This week was transfer week, so Wednesday P-day. I am staying in Panglao with Elder Borrego. Which I am very happy about. Elder Eiligo is going to Cebu, our house-mate. Easter was strange, all the catholic church members marched on the streets at night with candles, it was creepy and not what I was expecting. Our Church does the same thing as we do, but instead of candy eggs, they just do hard boiled eggs in plastic bags for the kids.

For my Birthday, I don't know my plans yet, I have a few ideas. One, get a giant pizza, two go to somewhere cool, or ... whatever else I come up with. I did get your package, and guess what, you and grandma and grandpa both sent me a pair of small scriptures, which made Elder Borrego very happy, because I gave a small set to him. 

For P-day, since it is transfers a lot of missionaries go to Tagbilaran, so today we are going to eat lunch with Elder Schoor, one of the missionaries I arrived here with.

Our investigators are doing great, one family went to church (except the dad, but we are still working on him), A... said he wants to get baptized, his wife is now interested in the lessons, P...  is still patiently waiting for an answer if the Book of Mormon is true. We also got referrals on Sunday!!!!!!! We got a girl in a part member family, a family that is neighbors to one of our members, and A... and P... referred another American that we are planning on meeting tomorrow.

Thank you so much for writing me :D
Elder Remer

I am not looking forward to washing my clothes today :(