Wednesday, February 25, 2015

transfer week and Korihor's questions

me and Elder Deguzman walked on this cool bamboo bridge
pictures of the cool walkways found here


Our mission has been blessed recently to hear from one of the Area Presidency, Elder Bowen. His talk was very bold and powerful, wanted our mission to be the best we can be. He talked about false limitations, and if we are the missionaries that our mothers think we are. His talk was received with many different responses, some of the missionaries said that he was "too bold" some decided they do not want to follow his counsel, but as for others and me as well, I found it inspiring, and hope that my new companion did as well, hopefully this transfer we will see miracles.

We have one other investigator named Sister Mary, She is slowly progressing, and I am not sure how committed she is, we have almost no others, because Elder de Guzman is completely against tracting, I have been working with the Distract Leader to try and get him to try, but he just doesn't, he does so much, and works hard, but when it comes to tracting, he just doesn't. This week is transfer week, so I will receive my new companion Elder Borrego, and he knows less Visayan then I do, he is my junior batch, from America as well. Since I am the senior now, and that Elder Borrego seems like a willing missionary, we should hopefully be able to tract more, and teach more people.

For the youth class this week I taught about The parable of the ten virgins, and after expounding on the parable I asked the youth, Why didn't the other virgins buy oil? They knew the bridegroom was coming? What stops us from "not buying their oil" today. I said for me it is the people around us, asking us questions, trying to make us choose a different choice. We then talked about Korihor, attacking the members of the church with some very difficult questions, there are 6 of them.
1) How can you possibly believe that people know what will happen in the future, how can you believe in prophecies?
2) You can't know with certainty in things that you cannot see.
3) You believe because of your parents, you are following there traditions.
4) That blessings are not from God, but from your own work, wisdom, and effort
5) That there is no proof of an afterlife
6) That religion is for power, that the leaders of the church just want power over the people.
We then read the rest of the chapter about Alma's response, I love Alma, 

Have a Great Week,
Elder Remer

We had an awesome distract activity at a cave
some yummy squid

a kid named A... getting some fruit for me

 fruit called kayimito