Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bed bugs, investigators and Halo Halo

First answering questions, I will be watching the recorded English General Conference at the district center (stake center, but we are not a stake yet) the 2nd week of April, as well as live with two American investigators of ours, so I will watch both :D

Everywhere in the Philippines celebrate Easter, most of the people are Catholic, and do Holy Week as well, so I will see what will happen here, a giant disco? Parade in the street? I have no idea.

And I did get lots of Bed Bug Bites, but I have started spraying this bug poison on my bed once a week, it does miracles, recommended by the Mission President, So I am happily sleeping now.

This week we had a good week of lessons, we got about the same amount last week, In my area there are 4 people progressing and one family,

Mary and Ariesto are two Filipinos, and are on there way, the only thing is that their family has been Catholics for generations, and because tradition is important here, it might be hard for them.

We have 2 American investigators, apparently their family owns a store in Castle Rock. A... is 21 and wants to get baptized, but is not sure what his wife will say, so we now are going to try to teach his wife more, trying to plan around her schedule. P... is slowly liking the lessons more and more, and might be on his way, and has a ton of great questions about our beliefs that have had me studying a lot. P... has also read the Book of Mormon, but has not got an answer that it is true. This morning we went to breakfast with them, they had really good questions that we were able to answer,

Word of the Week: Pag-gaw - the sickness where you lose your voice
I forgot an English word, it is a type of Indian that sort of is magic, throws stuff in fire to tell prophecies? what is that called, it's in Brother Bear and Pocahontas

Elder Remer
This is Halo Halo its my favorite

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Best years for my life

I think that quote is very accurate that says, "a mission is not the best 2 years of my life, but that the mission will be the best 2 years FOR my life," I can see how much I have learned about planning, goal setting, and teaching by the Spirit. as well as spiritual things, as scripture study, memorizing scriptures, and so on.

This week was a pretty fun week, and we are slowly making this area better, with about 2-3 more lessons every week, we haven't got any baptisms yet, hopefully they are on there way, but right now, we are just happy to have new friends and investigators here in Panglao

Last Sunday we had a talk about developing our talents, so this week I have been working on my drawing, drawing pictures from the Gospel Art Book, without people, because people are too hard.

Have a great week!

Elder Remer

Saving Lives this week, saved jill the jellyfish

Monday, March 16, 2015

Inspired answer to baptism question

This week we had a very exciting week, we started out with a rough few days, getting punted every day for 3 days, but still doing better then last week. We are teaching a lot of new people and hope that we will be able to bring the spirit into there lives so that they can feel the Holy Ghost and receive the best possible change to choose to be a member of the church.

Yesterday Brother A... asked us what are the requirements to be baptized, he says he is not necessarily going to be baptized, but everything we have taught, despite being new doesn't feel wrong to him, Elder Borrego gave him a very inspired answer talking about the process to see if they are really converted, because we don't baptize to have another member, another number, we do it so that they can enjoy the blessings of the gospel.

Elder Remer

the jungle boat

a crab

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lord is in this work

I am so glad to have a companion that I get along well with, we are doing tons of service here and teaching more people then I did in the previous transfer, we helped families in Doljo, carrying 20 water barrels to different locations so that people would have water during the island power outage.

Fun story for this week
Me and Elder Borrego were walking and I am looking to the left, someone on the right of us, passing by on a motor, says tiligsik na, which means its sprinkling (raining lightly), But it was slow to register because he was a white man, so we both thought it was some European language, until it registered, that he spoke Visayan, he is the first foreigner I know that knows Visayan, we both looked at each other, and tracted the motor trail, because we wanted to met him. Turns out his name is P..., his family is a group of medical missionaries, and he had had contact with the missionaries before, but had suddenly moved and had stopped the lessons, turns out he was finished with lesson 1, and with great coincidence I had a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, in English, inside of my bag, the Lord is truly in this work.

It was a great week
Elder Remer

A picture of this plant that makes ... glue? I call it a Glue Berry

Monday, March 2, 2015

Follow Jesus and tracting in Panglao

Picture of our church
I really love teaching the youth class, especially because I learn a lot more from making the lessons then I get to teach, Its really fun. Yesterday we had no youth so I didn't teach, but I did prepare an amazing lesson, or at least I hope it would be amazing. It was about making choices, and leading by example. I wanted to start with a story in Matthew 4:18-20 about Jesus asking the 2 disciples to leave there nets and follow him. I thought about how Jesus Christ is always asking us to follow him, and leading by example. I thought about who are the people in my life that ask me to follow them. Then talking about the song I'll go where you want me to go,"with my hand in thine" And its powerful to know that the Lord does not expect us to choose the right without his help, its when we learn to do the right with God's help that we can say "I'll go where you want me to go"

Me and Elder Borrego with some of the kids we like teaching
Elder Borrego is amazing, he loves tracting which is exactly what this area needs, he also knows English so we are able to joke around while we are walking around Panglao tracting, or just getting to investigators houses. He is just a funny guy. His family is Huge, he has 7 siblings all girls, and he is 5th, he also has 3ish step-brothers, and he knows Spanish before the mission, so his bisayan is very good, I would say that we are at the sameish level, but he is 6 weeks behind me, so its super cool how fast he is getting the language.

Until Next Week
Elder Remer