Friday, July 25, 2014

Kumusta mo? Maayo ko sa MTC

(How are y'all, I am doing good in the MTC)

Its crazy here at the MTC. The system here is so busy, it seems like I am always moving. For example, From the moment I was dropped off I was escorted by someone named Elder Maryman, and he had me go through 2 buildings. 1st was to get my missionary name tag, and other materials I would need. The second was a language building, picking up preach my gospel, the book of mormon, a wierd bible with a... fish on it?... im not sure...., and many other guides to the language of Cebuano. It was fast pace at first, with classes and studying being crazy fast trying to teach us language skills and how to teach our gospel classes.

Everyday our schedule is the same, something like, wake up, language study, gym for an hour, lunch, more language study, gospel study, dinner, meeting to learn what else we need to study, then residence/home, quiet time, bed. We already got our schedule for the next 6 weeks, and it seems like it will be mostly this every day. Except for Fridays, our Prep-day. and Sunday, for church. Thankfully our branch is not all cebuano, the language I am learning, because then we would have our church all in cebuano! I'm not sure if I am ready for that yet.

I might not be ready for church in cebuano, but we are determined to learn this language. And even tough I am being taught the language at a fast pace, I am learning Cebuano with 8 other great missionaries that all help each other out. Elder Lewis is my companion. Elder Giaque (Juke) and Elder Schnoor (Candian) are our roommates. Then Elder Ah Choo Koon is a guy from Samoa, then Elder Simmions is our District Leader, or guy in charge as of yesterday. We also Have a Tripanionship of Elder Helper, Elder Thomson, and Elder Camiling. We are told that our group is to teach someone in cebuano tomorrow! So to prepare, We study Cebuano for about 5-6 hours of the day with our teacher Brother Johnson. And because the studying is not enough when we are outside of class we are told to do SYL, or speak your language, meaning that anything that we have written down how to say, we can no longer say in English to our companions. So we say things like "padlong ko Bed" (I am going to Bed) or if we know all the words "Asa padlong ta?" (where are we going?)

I'm getting used to this crazy schedule already, but it seems like I have been here so long, even though its only been a few days. When I wrote in my journal last night I couldn't believe that my gym time was in the morning, and not the day before. I guess I'm not used to being so busy all day. From 6:30 in the morning -10:30 at night I am always busy. Right Now I am trying to learn how to pray, bear my testimony, and learn how to teach, in Cebuano. Right now, I can almost Pray without looking at the words, I can when I look at the words when bearing my testimony about the gospel. and right now not even looking at how to teach until later this evening, because prayer and testimony are plenty of work for me right now.

I love reading your emails, but I only can read them on Fridays, so if you want to send me a letter then My address is

Elder Ryan David Remer
2007 N 900 E Unit 51
Provo UT 84602

Best of luck this Week,

Elder Remer :D