Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter celebrations and referrals

This week was transfer week, so Wednesday P-day. I am staying in Panglao with Elder Borrego. Which I am very happy about. Elder Eiligo is going to Cebu, our house-mate. Easter was strange, all the catholic church members marched on the streets at night with candles, it was creepy and not what I was expecting. Our Church does the same thing as we do, but instead of candy eggs, they just do hard boiled eggs in plastic bags for the kids.

For my Birthday, I don't know my plans yet, I have a few ideas. One, get a giant pizza, two go to somewhere cool, or ... whatever else I come up with. I did get your package, and guess what, you and grandma and grandpa both sent me a pair of small scriptures, which made Elder Borrego very happy, because I gave a small set to him. 

For P-day, since it is transfers a lot of missionaries go to Tagbilaran, so today we are going to eat lunch with Elder Schoor, one of the missionaries I arrived here with.

Our investigators are doing great, one family went to church (except the dad, but we are still working on him), A... said he wants to get baptized, his wife is now interested in the lessons, P...  is still patiently waiting for an answer if the Book of Mormon is true. We also got referrals on Sunday!!!!!!! We got a girl in a part member family, a family that is neighbors to one of our members, and A... and P... referred another American that we are planning on meeting tomorrow.

Thank you so much for writing me :D
Elder Remer

I am not looking forward to washing my clothes today :(