Monday, April 20, 2015

Successful baptism


We had a successful baptism, it was a lot of work walking to the different places to make sure everyone was good for the part we asked them to do, whether rides, or bringing some food, it worked out. Elder Borrego baptized A... and A... on Saturday. There was great attendance, refreshments, only 10 minutes late (I think that is impressive) it was perfect for everyone. The two girls bore their testimony, and it was sincere.

We have a 2 or more year old cell phone, but it works better than the cell phone in Jagna. We can call and text, but unless if people pay there phone bill, they can't get calls or reply to texts.

When I saw the photo of Jeremy in my trek shirt in your email my first thought was "NO WAY! He is going to Trek!" Then I thought, wait its April.... Better read the email. Turns out just a regular day to school, slightly less exciting.

And going to Crave (we wrote him and sent a picture of the family at one of Ryan's favorite hamburger restaurants), that is what I would like to do, within the first week of getting home, but that's pretty far away.

This week I got to go on splits with the assistant to the president, Elder Micabani, I see why he is the assistant, he is a fantastic teacher, bringing in the spirit strong for even very short lessons.

Gihigugma ka nako!
Have a Great Week
Elder Remer

Me doing the Filipino squat, playing clapping games with the kids.