Tuesday, February 17, 2015

working hard, baptism this week

I wanted to send you a picture of my shoes, because we have done so much walking, the heal of my shoe is almost gone, working hard.

Thanks for praying for me everyday, I think it really helps with staying happy and diligent throughout the mission, I think that it is helping me a lot because I am always, relaxed.. calm.. I don't know in Visayan its kalinawan...

This week we had a baptism, the investigators name is L... , but he goes by Jr, he is 11 years old and was baptized by his uncle Brother C... . I would send pictures but in the rush, I forgot my camera. It was a pretty nice baptism, Jr had to be baptized 5 times, but on the up side, one of our members bought a ton of food for the refreshments after the baptism, if Jr was correctly baptized the first time, the baptism would have been perfect.

I also want to thank you for piano lessons, I played the piano this Sunday, messing up only a few times, gosh I wish I payed more attention when I was younger and stuck with the piano lessons. I also got to teach the youth about prayer, answers from God, and choosing good friends, teaching the stories of Enos, and the brother of Jared, along with a fun object activity. I will try my best to explain the object lesson. You ask everyone to hold both hands with there fingers flat, you then lay the stick on top of everyone's hands, you tell them the goal is to lower the stick to the floor, the rules are that your hands must stay flat below the stick and you must always touch the stick, if you lower your hand to fast that it comes of just a little bit, I make them start over. What happens is that  because everyone doesn't want to take there hand off, they push up a little, and with everyone pushing up, the stick goes higher instead of to the ground. We then try it again and again, until they get it. Then we try it with one person trying to raise the stick, making it impossible to bring it to the ground. I used this to describe that our challenging goal in life is to follow all the commandments the challenging goal of the activity was to bring the stick to the ground, but that if we surround ourselves with people that don't have our same goals then we will also not go closer to our goals, we need to surround ourselves with friends that have the same goals as us. I hope you can visualize that, if not just know it was a cool object lesson.

A fruit called sampalok, its super sour and sweet, its really tasty

Me and Brother J... , A... , and another girl that lives with them

Our church classroom, I teach the youth most Sundays on this outside porch, its pretty sweet.