Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Can a rock become living?

She's reading the scriptures, very colorfully
I wanted to share a parable with you that I liked. Starts with a question. Can a Rock Become Living? Surprisingly yes, after a long process. The rock is broken down into small minerals, these minerals go into the ground and stay there, until a seed is planted, the plants roots touch the minerals, then use them to slowly build itself. I think this is the way God works with us, that we are like the rock, at first, then over time we are broken down, until God can use us, and that's how we become more like Christ.

Will our investigators get baptized? Unfortunately it is official, They are not getting baptized, you see we are even more unlucky because apparently they are part of a super dajong, where if someone switches religions they mysteriously 'disappear' I had no idea thats how serious it is, on the up side, the dajong doesn't care if we teach them, so we are making progress... sort of? I just am glad the kids are so awesome, we even got the kids reading the book of mormon  every day, its awesome, and one is able to be baptized because I guess his family is somehow not part of the dajong, I don't really know but they are all listening, going to church, reading the book of mormon, really they are mormons, but there not mormons on paper. We are both sad and happy about it, thanks for your prayers, because the one we did get means a lot to us. And the fact we get to keep teaching the kids.

How do I do laundry? Normally I pay someone to handwash my colored clothes, as for my garments (underwear) I need to handwash those, you can either do crazy scrubbing for two hours, or there is a longer way of soaking the clothes and scrubbing them for 30-1 hour (takes 3 days) that is longer but less work, I prefer the longer but less work, the problem is if you forget to start the soaking, then you need to do it the other way, then you hang your clothes up to dry, so I have done both, its super tiring, but at the same time it makes you love washing machines, count your many blessings.

How am I getting along with my companion?  And my companion, lets see... I like him, we get along fine, the only thing is that he likes to start late for some reason, so I have slowed down to his pace, and now we are getting along great, I figure its better to have a happy companionship with a good amount of work, then a unhappy companionship and a great amount of work, on the plus side because my comp wants to leave the house at 1:30 or 2:00 every day, I get to do a lot of reading of Jesus the Christ and the Book of Mormon, I love them both so much.

"ice bucket challenge"
our camping stove, by the way do you know any simple recipes that I could try here?
Have a Great Week
Elder Remer