Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Transfer week, going to Talibon

I really liked the skype as well, I thought it was a good idea to spend a little time with everyone, I understand the quality wasn't great on your end, but I am happy I was able to see you. I really liked talking with Dad. It was converting to know that his mission seems similar in a lot of ways to mine, and different in others. I hope to talk to him more about his mission when I get home next year.

Well this week is transfer week, and I am going to Talibon, its good and bad, I want to leave for some reasons, but I would have rather stayed, hopefully I will find whoever needs me in Talibon, by the way thats on the Northern Part of Bohol, and now I will have visted all the zones of the Bohol island. There was a typo on my mission letter, instead of Cebu East Mission, it should be the Bohol Mission :)

I'll email Monday how my new companion is and how the area is,

Take Care!
Elder Remer

(pictures with captions :D)

we had a birthday for A... last week

a bug called a bakukan

A... already starting Family History Work

Me and Elder Racca, we went on splits for a day

lady leading a cow around (she is 81 years old) It made me smile.

these poor kittens are the food for the giant snake in the background :(