Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Skype you soon

I am really curious about Mothers Day as well, We haven't got any announcement yet... I think a good plan would be that I will email you Monday morning here, so Sunday night for you, and we might Skype Monday Evening, or Monday Morning for you. That way I can let you know if anything changes... Hopefully that goes well.

I am super excited to talk to you guys

This week we had another Baptism, we baptized Sister C..., and I personally Confirmed her. It was very exciting, and I even managed to give a Visayan Blessing to her, and she understood all of it. It is cool that I can focus on the spirit for the whole blessing, without needing to worry about translating.

We also did 9 hours of service building cool wooden tables for P... and A...'s Restraint here, it was pretty sweet. We also blew some Filipinos minds because The stereotypical American Here can't do anything but a desk job, we are labeled as desk jobs with lots of money, that are very lazy.

Skype you soon!
Elder Remer