Monday, May 25, 2015

rice fields, apartment that isn't clean yet

I have now officially transferred, I am in Talibon, Bohol with Elder Garibay, a Filipino that is about 6 months in the mission, Its a lot different then Panglao, with some similarities.

Some of the differences are that, there is a lot more rice fields here, its how most of the people make their living. I like it much better, its cool to walk on the small grid-like paths that separate each square of rice. There is also a branch here, its nice to sit back a little more each Sunday, and a lot more men. In Panglao we had a lot of little children, moms and a few men. Here its about half men, and the other half women and children.

I am lucky I guess because we don't have that many investigators, so less names to learn. We do have a lot of less active families though, so we are pretty busy with that. We also have a house that isn't clean yet, but I can imagine what it could become, and want to clean it, it will be a project but I really want to live in a home that feels like the temple.

It sounds like back at home it is raining like crazy because all of you have mentioned it in your emails, except dad. Its weird to hear about school because here its summer vacation, its a whole new world.

I liked what you said about the sacrament talk, how Abinidi never knew about Alma. One of the questions in our mission is when to drop an investigator that is listening, but not progressing. A lot of younger missionaries have asked me this question, and I have replied like this. You always make the better choice, That visiting someone and teaching them, helping them come unto Christ is more important then tracting house to house for a possible visit. On the other hand if you have someone who is accepting the gospel and wants to be baptized, etc. Then you go to them first. Don't drop an investigator who is listening unless you are so busy with progressing investigators that you have no time to visit them. I am not sure how correct that is, but I think it helps them understand, always make the better choice.

Well That is all for Now,
Elder Remer

Answers to your questions:
How is the apartment? The apartment is great, it is bigger then panglaos apartment, and can become a great home, I am determined to clean it up.
Is this area more city? I am in a very non-city area, with lots of farms.
Do you still walk a lot? Yes I still walk a lot, normally all day.
Do you have many investigators? And I don't know how many investigators we have,  but it is under 10 families, and 2 are newly tracted as of Saturday.
How is your umbrella holding up? And my companion is using my umbrella right now, as seen in the picture, because he doesn't like the sun, and yes it is holding up very well.