Friday, August 15, 2014

Kumusta kamo!

Thanks everyone for the letters and packages that I received, I am still receiving some letters but so far this week for just letters/postcards I got a letter from Zoey, 5 from my family, 3 from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, 1 from Ashleigh, and 5 from the other Remer's( that I just barely got so I haven't read yet).

I didn't win the competition, because one elder was winning, and then got 6 more letters on the same day.

So I have been asked by multiple people some questions I would like to answer, I am going to answer a few of the common ones.

What is the best part of the MTC?

There are a few "best" things about the MTC. 
Spiritually, its crazy the amount of revelation that I recieve here. Whenever I have a question, it seems like it is always answered by the end of the day, or I gain the perspective that I will find the answer later. I really enjoy the amount of spirit I have felt and how it is helping me learn the language.

Socially, The best part of this week is a tie. I have been trying to speak the language since the first week of the MTC, because of this I have gotten great at speaking cebuano(not even close to fluent, but its been 4 weeks, so..) and my Companion Elder Lewis has become great at hearing Cebuano. The rest of our distract started this week, and with the exception of one Elder, All are struggling. We however are having fun speaking fast in Cebuano and watching their confused looks.

Second, We also have been translating movie lines, comedy quotes to cebuano and reminding each other of funny mistakes we have made, or other distracts have made.

Some funny mistakes we have made.
Elder Lewis: send and sin are similar words so he said
Jesus sinned for all of us, instead of Jesus was sent for all of us

Elder Giauque said he had 6 kids instead of having 6 siblings

And the best, someone from the next door distract
They each took turns testifying instead of I know in my heart that Jesus Christ died for all of us
they accidently took turns testifying that they knew in their hearts that that Jesus Christ killed all of us.

Here are some pictures for all of you.
I can't see them, but they should be of my room, the mail I just received, me, a picture of me with a picture of a shark and a cebuano phrase, and maybe other stuff?

Oh and I found out that Google translate is terrible in Cebuano, so I wont be sending anything in cebuano because of how bad it translates.