Friday, August 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

This week has been amazing at the MTC. There have been some funny moments in our room, some great teaching activities, and amazing stories from my teachers about their missions.

Lets start out with our apartment/dorm. When we go shower, usually someone forgets there key and needs to either knock, or wait for someone else. One of the days this week, our next door room had one of the funniest experiences, because they all forgot their keys, and wrapped in there towels, they of course didn't want to walk across campus to the main building to get another key, and my room was making fun of them for quiet some time. I laughed and smiled at first, but then I felt pretty bad for them, I mean anyone could make that mistake. However, our room kept being a little to mean to them.

Now, the best part. Later in the day, after gym. My room went to go shower, and I of course brought a key because I didn't want to be laughed at/embarrassed. I was the first of our room to get done showering, and closed the door to our room. I heard a knock at the door, but chose to ignore it as I was reorganizing my bag. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be funny if they all forgot their keys. Then I heard, a voice saying 'Hey do you have a key?" "No..." this repeated, until they realized that they were locked out. They all started panicking and calling "ELDER REMER!" trying to find me, because I had been quiet up to this point. A few minutes past, with me being quiet thinking of what I wanted to do, before I answered the door. I was deciding on a few, and choose to act like a Philippine. I spoke in Cebuano, asking "Who is it?" and "What do you want?" And other questions like that. I found out something, that none of them knew the word for open. The other room that they laughed at earlier will not give them the answer, so they start saying sentences like "We want you to not close the door." and other phrases that were good attempts, finally them found the word for open, and now know it by heart. :D

There are always great activities in our class, this week we were learning more Cebuano, and our attention was lacking. So the teacher stopped the lesson, which has never happened, and said "We are going to practice riding a Jeepney!" And walks outside the class and starts dragging chairs from all the classrooms, We were all so confused. Then the teacher asked us to go inside this small room, packed with two rows of chairs facing each other, that sitting down, our knee would touch the other chair. Then we all got crammed in this room, and the teacher turned on two loud fans and said that we needed to practice giving quick 2-3 min messages with lots of distraction, and so we did, the teacher choosing the topic each time. On the first run there was lots of yelling, a good message, and no spirit :( But by the end, it was yelling still, the same message, with testimony, and the spirit touching our hearts it was super cool

And last Brother Niki. Brother Niki is a man that My teacher baptized. Before the missionaries, Bro Niki had the worse reputation in the town, and Brother Johnson had doubt that he could convert him. Turns out he was the best investigator ever. After listening to all the lessons, and doing all the commitments, it was near time for him to get baptized, but He stuggled with the word of wisdom. Brother Johnson and his companain were debating dropping him, because there was no more to teach, and Brother Niki was not following the commitment. During the "last lesson" they decided they would give him one more chance, They sat in quite after he said he couldn't do it. Then to Brother Johnson's mind came the scripture Ether 12:30 30 For the brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin,Remove—and it was removedAnd if he had not had faith it wouldnot have moved; wherefore thou workest after men havfaith.  Then Brother Niki said "Brother Johnson, are you challenging my faith?" and Brother Johnson replied "Yes, I am."

Brother Niki did it, stopped all addictions he had, got baptized, and attended the temple. Then after that, people saw the change in him, and asked him what happened. This is when Brother Niki invited them to church. Brother Niki wanted to share the feeling he felt with these people. They tried the gospel, and to read the Book of Mormon, and found out it was true, by praying and feeling the spirit. In two Months Brother Niki baptized 80 people! And a short while after Baptized enough people himself to form a branch. It was crazy! I wouldn't believe it if Brother Johnson didn't show us the pictures. Just think, that he could have never been challenged, then all those people would have not come to church, or waited a long time, before ever hearing the gospel and feeling it in there hearts. The Lord truly knows what we need.

Thank you for the letters, It is so cool all of the things you are doing, and great to here about just everyday things that I relive when I read your letters. Please send me pictures, if you can, of all these great experiences, or everyday activities. Oh and any emails that you want me to add to the list.

Thanks Everyone For your Time, Prayers, and Love. I feel them all.

Elder Remer