Friday, August 8, 2014

It has been a great week at the MTC.

Kumusta. Malipayon ko. tudlo kita hapit na kada adlaw. kat-on Kita gamay sa gamay sa Cebuano. Akong paborito nga pulong sa "kwan." dula kita sa bolibol hapit na kada adlaw. lingaw ako basa sa akong kasulatan ug sulat ako sa akong basahon.
(You can google translate that before continuing, I'm not sure how much of the grammar is right, but hopefully you can understand it)

I have been studying the language of Cebuano like crazy and I am starting to absolutely love some parts of the language, like how some words have so many of our english words that it makes learning easier. "sa or ang" are the words for any english "little" word, "a, is, on, by, etc." Its great.

As I said before Kwan is absolutely the best word in this language. Kwan is a word that you can use to replace any other word that you might forget. Its sorta like a "um" in english except better because you do not need to remember the word.
um... nugbasa ako sa akong kasulatan kaaron adlaw
I um... read my scriptures today
kwan ako sa akong kasulatan karron adlaw
I kwan my scriptures today
its awesome. I love kwan.

Funny Story this week.
You might not believe it but, The room next to us got yelled at by a deaf kid to quiet down. Its funny because that is the room of our district leader.
Also, at the MTC we are doing something called SYL, basicly you speak as much of the language (that you have been taught) and fill the words you don't know with english. I have been doing this for the past few weeks, and now when I get asked an english question, I answer in Cebuano, The person gives me a puzzled look and then I realize that I just spoke Cebuano to them. So I translate for myself. It is nindot kaayo ;)

Thanks everyone for the letters, drawings and packages that I have received. They make me so happy. Our district is having a competition to see who can get the most letters during the MTC. If you guys could help me out, I would love to read any letters that I get, and beat my companion. Thanks :D

Oh by the way, I really enjoyed the snacks that everyone has sent me, thank you so much. We are now completely full of food. We got pranked by a leaving distract and got so much food that we are barely managing to keep our room clean of boxes on the floor. Are thought was "So awesome" at first then ... we started cleaning... and now, we have no idea what to do with our food, because our next door room, got the same prank, so they won't take any of ours.

I can't wait until next week,
Elder Remer

Ryan also sent me some pictures that I am attaching. The pictures are of his teacher Brother Johnson, his companion Elder Lewis, his friend Elder Kim, MTC classroom, cebuano notes, and his district at the temple. In the temple picture the people are: Top Row: Remer, Thomson, Achoo koon, Camiling, Giauque Bottom Row: Simons, Lewis, Schnoor, and Hepler