Friday, September 5, 2014

Hey got to the Phillipines Safely

Philippines MTC in Manila

Kumusta ang akong Pamilla?
I am emailing you on Sept. 6 and it is 11:25 AM
We got to the MTC safely, and the MTC is letting us send an email to our family but not anyone else, i think, all the instructions are in Cebuano.

We arrived late night at midnight to the MTC and they let us sleep in until 7:00. We all had a brief meeting and the switched around our companionships from our distract. I am now  compainions with Elder Schnoor, the canadian in our group. We are going to stay here for 5 days until Wednesday when we are going to go to our missions. We are waiting for our vistas until Tuesday. We are all super excited
Meanwhile we are going to be joining missionaries in the area for prosolyting (spelled bad). Us Cebauno Missionaries are very lucky because we will get to teach in english in the city while the Taglog Missionaries need to I teach in Taglog. While we are here, we will also be learning more Cebuano and trying to understand the fast speed in which they talk.
It is super beautiful here with tons of different kinds of trees and plants, but very hot and humid. We all have been given water bottles with filters so that we can be as healthy as possible. We also have alcholol for cleaning our hands often. I also found out that the hankerchief was a great idea.
Not to much to report right now, we haven't done anything but ride on planes, sleep, and eat breakfast. 
I love you all and will try to write often, we were told we will find out more about mail once we get to our mission next week, so I think that means that you will not be hearing from me for quiet some time, mabye next week but I am not sure. It depends on the area if I get email or just letters.
I am feeling very good right now. Its pretty perfect. The only thing that scares me is the cars here. It seems crazier than the bahamas were.
I love you all, and want to make you proud. I will try to write you next week once I get into the mission field.
They have a fun game here, Im not sure what it is called...
Two Parts
You play rock paper sissors on the first "rock" not 1,2,3, go but just go
The winner then points left right up or down. at the same time the loser looks left right up or down.
If the winner points the same direction as the loser looks, then the winner wins the round.
best 2 out of 3.
The best part is that every time you do something you say "Pshh"  And it is a fast pace game.
Time to go :D Best Wishes
Elder Remer